Registration for VEX IQ

I am 12 so I cant sign up to robotevents which means i cant register for VEX IQ. Can I use my dads account to register for this year’s challenge?

Yes, the person registering your team on RobotEvents should be an adult.

oh ok thankks-
also, after registering a team, can you add a person to that team

There isn’t really a concept of “adding a person to a team”. The registration form will ask you how many male and female members the team has, but that’s just to track demographics - RobotEvents doesn’t ask for a list of all the people on your team.

(although, everyone who attends an event needs to fill out a “consent form” - and you can choose to do those online through RobotEvents if you want. But that’s a separate thing from team registration.)


When I go to Robotevents it says that we do not have any matches for VexIq.

what country are you in?
If you are in the UK for example there is only one scheduled vrc and one scheduled viqc, both of which are the coventry regional tournaments

I live in the Georgia,Usa

I assume you mean this page:

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 10.16.20 AM

If a team has registered for the current season, but not played any matches this season, then this page will correctly indicate that.

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No not meaning that page this page

Annotation 2020-08-26 102404

Well that would indicate that there are no events that match your current search. You probably have some filters somewhere in the left column, and there are no events that match all the filters.

If you’re looking for events in Georgia, there do not appear to be any scheduled VIQC events in Georgia at the moment.

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