Registration: Have to have a team LETTER?

Is there any way to register without adding a team letter? We are a 1-robot, independent team, and are quite fond of our #1666 number, sans letter. What is the rationale for requiring a letter? Is there any way to register with just our team number, please please please?

as I have said in another thread

Well it was sometimes confusing when there were teams without letters that had lots of other teams with letters since if you just said 1666 and there were hypothetically two teams (1666, 1666a), it might be a little ambiguous.

And if you are trying to refer to the 1666 organization instead of the 1666 team…

I’d known this was coming for almost a year. I registered my teams early last year before the system was changed that brought the requirement for a letter after the number. A big debate on the car ride home from Louisville was what letter we should use. We have one team that has no letter and another that uses “B.” My linear, rule follower daughter was insistent that the other team become “A.” My outside the box thinker wanted a different letter. Hence, the debate! Since I get to choose, I’ll probably go with “A.” The bummer about having the add the letter is that it is as if you have formed a new team. So your past accomplishments stay with the old number and the new letter/number combination accrues future awards.

@nallen01 Could you implement some sort of data migration wizard in VexDB that will migrate all data for a no-letter team to a lettered team (with the same number, of course)?

In other words, allow team 6030’s data to be migrated to 6030K but not to 5090W

Perhaps also allow people to complete the wizard at any time for the foreseeable future but don’t actually migrate any data until the destination team number actually exists (as evidenced by participation in an event)

They made another change, too. Team 10Q, which dates back to 2010, was told they can no longer use “Q” because it is too easy to confuse it for a “0.” I believe this might also apply to “I” and “L” teams if there are any.

So VEX/RECF is now solving problems that don’t exist while creating ones that didn’t?


Damn, I think we were going to choose Q.

So we have to have a letter now? Grrrrrr We just had shirts printed with our team number last season!!

Is this 100% confirmed before I give in and add one to register?

its been this way since the new robotevents

I must have got away with it before they changed last season :smiley: