Regular 24 tooth gear

We all know of the 24 tooth gears in the advanced gear kit. Unfortunately for those with other intentions, the teeth on those gears are angled for use with the worm gear. It may be useful for builders to have a regular 24 tooth gear, to aid in the making of certain gear ratios without the use of chains.

That would help out alot. We could have made an even better gearbox last year. Which, if anyone rembers from the wisconsin regional or at Atlanta, had around 40 to 50 gears.

without a doubt, a 24 tooth gear would raise gear box output exponentially

i think they should add stronger gears before making more

just double gears to make your gearbox stronger

Are you talking for use in drivetrains/arm gearing/etc.? From looking at the pictures of the product, I believe it would not work except for 1:1 24 tooth gearing. The diameter is different and cannot be increased without increasing the size of and distance between teeth.

The gears are plenty strong enough, if used correctally. We only broke 10 gears last year. It may sound like a lot, but we broke them because we ran into something with our arm raised.

I believe our gearbox was about 15" high. There was an inch and a half for the drivetrain, and an inch on the top for the arm to attach to, there wasn’t enough room to put in another reduction.

I was just giving a general statement, They would probably be usefull for anything that a 36 tooth would

Yes, it would be nice to have a 24 tooth gear available.

Once again, that won’t work; the axle would land halfway between two holes when attempting to attach it due to the necessary size for a 24 tooth gear, unless using slotted metal (which isn’t suggested, anyway).

Ahh, ok. I see now. sry bout that, i didn’t understand what you ment the first time.

Wow, I tried to fit one of the gears in before, but I never noticed that it didn’t fit into the provided holes.

What you say about mating a 24-tooth spur gear with the current 12, 36, 60, or 84-tooth spur gears is correct, but perhaps not so very important.

I’ll bet that a 24-tooth spur gear would work quite well when used with a 48-tooth spur gear… or a 72-tooth spur gear…

Or it might work nicely with the 12, 36, 60, 84-tooth spur gears if I drill my own hole(s) in a piece of Vex Metal…



Although more gears might work well for some applications the addition of a regular 24 tooth gear by itself would not be a good idea. The reason being the current gears are design to mesh perfectly no matter what combination you use. With the addition of a 24 tooth you would have to make some very unique gear combinations in order to get them to fit. Or you would have to make a whole series of 24 tooth meshing gears, and then what would be the point, you would have two sets of gears that would each give you the exact same ratios.


I think you need to check the batteries in your calculator. The last time I checked, N, 3N, 5N and 7N could not be used to create the same ratios as 2N, 4N and 6N. :slight_smile: and vice-versa.

PS: “Ratios” is a better word to use in this context than “reductions”. Gears are not always used to reduce something.

I am amending my previous statement to the following:

Yes, it would be nice to have **24, 48 and 72 **teeth gears.
Hmmm, wouldn’t these allow the gears to work on the Diagonal though?
Current gearing patterns only allow for 2 directions to sometimes fit oh-so-many gears. Imagine, gears that would mesh properly on the 45. I would need tissues.

Mind, I could still use only the 24 tooth alone by punching my own little square holes. Life would be easier if Vex would just give me everything I want, but i see the logic in them not importing 4 million gears from abroad because 10 or 20 guys want them. If the odd gears were incorporated into any standard kit, this forum would fill up real quick with people complaining their gears don’t line up. Bet the tech support line would ring off the wall too.