is there any way i can switch the motor speeds to make it run faster i have the programming kit to use

If you have Easy C, you can download a “dashboard” controller that allows you to use a mouse to control the PWM output values to the motor ports directly. A value of 255 or 0 will give you the maximum speed for VEX motors. Sorry, there is no other way to make them run faster. Especially if you are using a starter kit with no VEX power pack.

I have heard of people with power packs placing the 9.6 volt pack on the robot but I do not know if this is much help to the motor speed. Increasing the robot’s battery voltage is a good way to overheat motors and servos. If you get too high, the micro-controller will go up in smoke too - a real bummer.


were using vex power packs i think the 12 volt models where would i go to download that dashborad controller
thanks so much

I have let my Easy C evaluation expire and I have swichtced to MPLAB. From memory, it seemed to be under the same menu where you could download the default micro-controller code. I don’t know if they called it a dashboard or not. The programming kit documentation should point you to this “dashboard” item.

Once you download it, I think (from memory) that a window opens on your screen. There are a bunch of sliders for each of the motor ports on the controller. Grabbing a slider with the mouse and “sliding” it around changes the pwm value to the motor port and you can see the results immediately.

The dashboard replaces any VEX code in the controller. So you have to re-load your custom code (or the default code for the square bot).

Sorry I am not any more help than that. It has been about a year since I even looked at the Easy C documentation or played with VEX using Easy C.


ur a major help my friend

It Dosent Sound That Esay If U Ask Me

but using the dashboard, the robot cannot moce far as it is connected to the computer. also, you have to download the on-line code every time.