Reinspection at World's '17

Hey guys, just wondering if you fail inspection at World’s do you have the opportunity to be reinspected or once you fail are you DQ’d?

You can be reinspected after most offenses.

Cool thanks you! Do these offenses include minor sizing issues?

Yes they do. It should be for all competitions where you have the ability to be inspected.

They won’t DQ you for most “offenses”; rather they will label you “partially complete” and allow you to fix the issue and come back later to finish the inspection, without a need to do the entire inspection again. It should be the same as any other competition you go to.

However, there is one thing they WILL DQ you for at inspection, and that is messing with the PTCs in the motors. If they catch your motors like that at inspection, you’re done, period. Just don’t do it. It ain’t worth it.

Considering that they’re probably going to check ALL your motors, or at least a few, make sure to make your connections accessible. Remember, don’t remove PTCs.

At Worlds last year, they only check one of our motors at random, not all.