Release next year's game early

Handicapping the teams that make it to Worlds is no way to help out the teams who didn’t qualify. The teams that made it to Worlds are there because they spent more time, worked harder, learned more, practiced harder, and did better than the teams that didn’t make it. The way to help out teams who didn’t make it to Worlds is to try harder and do better overall. Just because little Johnny didn’t make it doesn’t mean he should get something more than what the teams that did make it get. It just means little Johnny needs to work harder.


Also I’d imagine it wouldn’t be logistically possible to do it this year (manufacturing of game elements and stuff).

Besides, having post season local level events would give students who didn’t qualify for worlds something to do.


I find it great that you guys can build a bunch over the summer. I really can’t do that as I go places and get stuck doing other things.


My school owns everything and probably won’t let me have much hardware during the summer :frowning_face: Maybe I can still code with limited hardware idk.

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Totally! I would build a test chassis and ask your mentor if you can bring it hope alongside some field tiles and a few parts for maintenance.


it leaked a few weeks ago, you guys really haven’t seen it yet?


i bet my kidney korndog lost at states.

You’re kidding, right? :thinking:

“Leveling the playing field” means to give everyone a fair start, not to punish good teams for doing better than others


no. I cant share here they will ban me. if you look enough it was leaked from china again.

What about @xxxvex’s kidding? Is that even a thing that someone can possess?


My big problem is the late reveal. (Maybe moving up worlds is the best idea for that, but you could also think of an earlier reveal giving the non-worlds teams a head start as being similar to the worst football team having the first draft pick).

My district has a spending freeze towards the end of the year, which means I can’t ask my principal to order the next year’s game until the fall. Which gives us a reallllly late start.

I don’t think it’s too punishing to all the teams that go to worlds, it’s especially punishing to the small teams that go to worlds. Some larger organizations have enough parts to start building their new bot without having to take apart their old one (assuming the new game is revealed early), while some independent teams only have enough parts for one robot. Thus, the independent teams would not be able to start building their bot, but the larger orgs still would and it would not affect them that much.


It’s 2 weeks later than prior years and it’s a one shot deal because of booking issues. If you are worried about money, just put in for about 25% more than you spent this year for next year.

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Which is true for many teams, and many teams that made it to Worlds. Some don’t start until the new school year, yet they make it just fine. Everyone gets a fair chance, the game is released at the same time every year, and teams can either work over the summer or not. That is why some choose to be independent. Some teams work jobs, mow lawns so they can earn money for their own parts. Those teams deserve to go to Worlds because they put in the effort. Just because some teams are sad they didn’t make Worlds, or wish they put in more effort is no reason to give them something they didn’t earn.


I think these months before Worlds are a great opportunity to develop things your team might not have time for during the main part of the season. For example, you can work on different technologies you want to implement on next season’s bot, like odometry and transmissions, to name a few. It’s also a great time to clean up the code and learn some new concepts. You can recruit and train new team members, and perhaps work on the team dynamic. Overall, try to make the best of the time you have. Efficiency is key.


@DRow are there going to be blind pre-orders again this year? Really helps a ton of teams.


Last I heard, this should be happening again. Most likely by the end of March. (No guarantees)


It appears so. I saw on the Mid-Season Town Hall this screen:

It says,

Beginning March 14, 2022, pre-order 2022-23 Game Element kits.


Here is the site for 2022-2023 season key dates: