RELEASE: SolidWorks Parts Library

I have compiled a parts library starting with what Team Virus had and applying that to all parts.
Most of the files are taken directly from the .STEP files on the VEX main site and complex assemblies for things such as motors and omni-wheels have been saved as single part files to save on space and fix missing assembly part errors.

Every part that needs it has circle sketches cut into the square holes for easier concentric mating for beginners.

Also every single part except for pneumatics has been colored with the appropriate color, material type and gloss type for rendering purposes.
This does not, however, contain material properties such as density and elasticity

If you find any parts with errors or any missing parts, let me know and I will add them or fix errors.

Download Here:

Credit to Team Virus for Structure components

Nicely done, NattyMan0007. I’ll add a download link to the Team Virus web page .

This looks cool. I’ll need to try this, once I actually learn what I’m doing with this software.

Thank you!

That’s great. Thanks

You’re welcome

Thank you for sharing!! I downloaded yesterday, but when I tried to open some structures in solidworks it indicates error to open the file, a lot of files with that error, may I know what version of solidworks did you used?

I used the 2015 version.
Can you post a screenshot of the error?

Right now Im not in the pc, but it showed me a window with the text: “Error oppening the file” and also I tried to open it with Autodesk Inventor and the problem persist

You are my new favourite person. Thanks for doing this, I’ll check it out.
Edit: Anyone else getting this?
Perhaps these are SW 2015 files.

This is a great resource for the entire community. Thanks for creating it!

If you have only the 2014 version, you can go to the Team Virus web page here%between% and get the structure parts in SW2014 format. SW made a change in 2015 & 2016 that is not backward compatible to SW2014 :frowning: . Many other VEX parts are availble in 3d Content Central

My windows only says that an error ocurred when I try to open some files, I think that I need try to download the original ones and modify it, Thank You so much! :smiley:
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yes, thats my problem troo, iI think that could be because the version of solidworks, NattyMan0007 says that he used 2015, I will try it

Yes. But this is a library of everything together. 3D Content Central is a pain to get parts quickly unless i am missing something in the site. I suppose it is a matter of need

The latest version of SOLIDWORKS can be acquired via SOLIDWORKS’s sponsorship program. Unless you specifically chose to download an earlier version.
I strongly reccommend upgrading your solidworks installation as the move from 2014 to 2015 brings a lot more improvements and fixes.

Unfortunately I cannot save the documents as a lower format. Which I guess will just have to be dealt with as it is for now till someone finds a workaround

Don’t you just love solidworks’s amazing error reporting xD

Thanks a lot! The problem was the Solid Works version, if you dont want problems, you must have the 2015 version :slight_smile: very usefull library, thanks to all that make it possible :wink:

I will update the post with that information

EDIT: Can’t update original post

Will these CAD files work in Inventor? I can’t afford a SolidWorks subscription or license, and our schools are using inventor.

They should be able to be opened in inventor and converted to the proper format.

SOLIDWORKS is also available for free through their sponsorship program available below.

Sorry to bring up a dead thread, but I’ve been using this library in Solidworks 2015 and I just upgraded to 2017. Has anyone had issues with using the library in Solidworks 2017?

It’s been ages since I’ve touched anything to do with VEX as I’ve moved to university now and haven’t had time. I think I tested it in 2017. What issues are you having?