RELEASE: SolidWorks Parts Library

The library, from here: works fine in SW2017. The parts were created in SW2015/16, so you’ll get prompts about saving the older-version files, which will then convert to SW-2017 format.

None so far. I’m in university too, and am mentoring my old HS team. Another mentor doesn’t want us using this library because he says it’s out-of-date. He even created his own library for us straight from the STEP files. It currently doesn’t have the easy-mate round cuts that yours does. His reason for saying the files are out-of-date is that there could be problems working with these parts in assemblies. I was able to open the model of my team’s robot from last year fine (though I haven’t saved it in 2017 yet, which would cause an update of the parts themselves).

They should work. Try them

Caution is a good thing, as Solidworks can be very picky about the parts that go into assemblies. But in this case, migrating forward to the latest version of Solidworks works fine, you just can’t go backwards. So everyone in the organization needs to update at the same time. The most important thing of Solidworks files is this: ***never move the locations of the files from where they were originally installed.***. If you must move parts/assemblies for some reason (like changing from one computer to another), be sure to do a “pack and go” on your assembly, which will gather all the files together.

@NattyMan0007 If our robotics club isn’t a school-organized club, could we still apply for a sponsorship?

I assume you mean to get free copies of solidworks. Anyone can apply for copies of Inventor or Solidworks.


Here’s the solidoworks sponsorship page link. Generally the team’s mentor signs up on behalf of the team. You’ll generally receive a license for every team member (we get 60 licenses).

Autodesk products can be downloaded from their website without an application. (but then, Inventor is only $3000 per seat, while Solidworks is $6000 per seat, if you had to buy it yourself). Anything you print will be watermarked with “education use only” on the prints.