Releasing Cubes

I’m trying to place the intakes on my simple tray, but they catch on the tray whenever it tilts forwards.
Does anyone know of any release mechanisms to open up the intakes so that the tray doesn’t catch? I’m stumped.20190818_210625

are you able to place your intakes further out so that they don’t come into contact with your tray? Could you make them a little looser so that the tray forces them out of the way?

Sadly, no as then there is not enough traction to push the cubes up the tray

I believe 448X put their intake on a joint, then used rubber-bands to snap them forward. Then the used the tray to push on the intake, and that forced it to go outwards. Maybe you could implement that kinda thing.


Similarly, 1727’s early traybot had their rollers hinged and tensioned in, with string attached to their frame to pull the rollers out of the way as the tray moved forwards


I regret not buying hinges now. I might have some though, ima look

I mean…you don’t have to use hinges, you can use screw joints.


I know, but I’m too lazy to cut the c channels and use the nylocks :upside_down_face:
Nah jk, that’s my plan if I cant find any hinges

Update: I believe I have got a working 1727G style intake! Construction isn’t done yet, but it looks promising!


Do you know what the rope that they used to pull open the intake is made out of?
Also, can we use any material, or Is there specific materials we must use?
(I dont have my computer, only phone, so that’s why I’m asking here and not searching it up in the game manual sorry about that)

I’m pretty sure that they used paracord. I’ll try to find the article where they said.
Edit: I found the link

The manual allows " An unlimited amount of 1/8” (or local metric equivalent), braided, nylon rope".
1/8 paracord is generally considered the best option; you can probably find it at home depot or a similar store.


The manual also exists as a mobile app called VRC Hub (by DWAB Technology).

I didnt realize vrc hub could access the manual lmaoooooo :laughing:
I’ve had it this whole time