Releasing Stacked Cubes

I’ve been working with my team on creating a functioning stacker for our robot. We have an intake that collects the cubes onto the ramp but also moves up and down to put cubes in multipliers. Our current ramp can hold up to four cubes, but needs the intake arm to be down in order to hold them in. The problem comes when I try to stack the cubes in the corner the intake gets in the way. Any suggestions on how I can have both function at the same time? Maybe have the intake spin out while the robot backs away, or another method? This may have already been answered so if someone could help or just point me towards a person who may have already asked this question I would appreciate it, thank you.

Normally instead of calling it ramp, people call it tray. Pictures would be helpful. Are your intakes on pivots, that the intake can push to the sides? You could try raising your arm so it is parallel to the ground, and when backing up, spin the intakes the other direction. Again, pictures would be so helpful.

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Also pictures
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Also like buttons :stuck_out_tongue:



Here is a picture of what it is like. The intakes are not on pivots, just the arm that raises them currently. The only problem with raising the arm to be parallel is the cubes will fall out.


It would only allow one picture at a time so here is another view as well.


Are they connected with the one point of connection that I highlighted?

Also, did you paint your screws?

Those are probably the color coded screws from

Yes, they are connected at that point, but it’s not a pivot point just a straight screw.

And yes, they are the color coded screws.


Do you have 2?

Can you send a picture if the robot from the side without any cubes, but the lift rased to it’s highest


If you drive like normal to just outside of the hole zone, and then do this, and then push the cubes in, what happens?

If we raise the lift, the only thing holding the cubes onto the tray will be the ground because they would slide out the bottom. So, when I would go to drive forward the cubes catch on the ground and ultimately fall out. Maybe a piece of metal to hold cubes could fix that?

Try it

a video could help us understand your issue. from what I see, you should be able to place stacks. our intakes stick out much farther, and we can place just fine.