Reliability of VEX GPS sensor

Is their anyone who has used GPS in previous competitions that can share about how exactly it’s performance is. Also, the possibility to use GPS for auto aiming in Spin Up.


I can’t say anything about the reliability because I haven’t used the GPS sensor a lot, but there is no guarantee that GPS strips will be on every field. They are only required to be put on fields that are used for programming skills, but they will probably still be there during driver skills since most comps use the same field(s) for programming and driver skills. I haven’t seen them on the normal match fields at any comps I’ve gone to (even worlds), so I wouldn’t count on it being there for auto-aiming.


I briefly tried out the GPS sensor last season, and it wasn’t nearly as accurate as I’d hoped. For me at least, it would consistently lose its position when it was within about 1.5 tiles from the perimeter which could significantly limit possible auton routes. When actually testing out routes, we also found there to be up to 3 inches of drift from where the GPS sensor actually is compared to where it thinks it is. This could be because we used the Velcro that vex included with the GPS strips which along with falling off easily, was also pretty hard to get to stay flat against the field perimeter. I suspect that most other teams have had similar experiences with the GPS sensor because to my knowledge, no high achieving team, in skills, at worlds, used GPS sensor.