Reloading SR in autonomous

First let me state that this is my first year in Vex and I’m not trying to change anything at this point…(way too late for that).

I know the rules do not specifically disallow it and that several of the top autonomous teams reload (meaning precedent has already been established in numerous major competitions). However, doesn’t reloading the sky rise seem to violate the concept of autonomous? Was similar interaction with a field elements allowed in previous years?

Reloading the skyrise with a new piece is the allowable human interaction. Karthik has also ruled that you can readjust the skyrise in the loader too.

Otherwise how could you get more than one skyrise section built?

The robot is grabbing the skyrise piece from a clean untouched by human loader ring. You can’t place the skyrise piece that is touching a robot’s arm. You’re supposed to put it in the ring prior to the robot coming back for the second piece.

I agree with all comments. As stated, precedent has been established/ruling made. Turning robot off/on, reinserting vex key, etc are also allowable human interaction but these are not allowed during autonomous because it would not be truly autonomous. I also see no point in considering what would happen if the rules were changed because that’s not going to happen. What I wanted to know is does anyone agree that this infringes on the concept of autonomous and is it normal to allow field object to be manipulated during autonomous in previous years.

I don’t think that placing skyrise sections in the autoloader infringes on the concept of autonomous at all. As mentioned above, if we couldn’t reload the autoloader then only one skyrise could possibly be built…that would be pretty boring.

The robot is still doing all the work. It has to be fully programmed to score the skyrise sections. No human interaction with the robot is allowed.

The only way around the “problem” you seem to see is if VEX had designed the field to have all seven skyrise sections “in play” at the beginning. This would require 7 different autoloader rings.

My confusion was that I was interpreting autonomous to apply to all aspects of this part of the match. If autonomous is only meant to apply to interaction with the robot then this makes sense. Thanks to David at FMHS for listening, understanding my question and providing a conceptual answer to a conceptual question.

In previous years the idea of ‘autonomous’ was kind of up in the air, since human interaction was allowed the entire autonomous period. People would be able to reposition their robots and they needed very little code to get something done that would have otherwise been very complex. So this year it’s actually been a lot harder than previous years because of the new ‘no interaction’ rules for autonomous.

Personally, I think that the increased challenge really justifies the effect of the autonomous bonus on matches this year.