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                                                                                                                                          **Round Up Questions Thread**             
                                                  Well  there is no Official Round Up Question Thread yet so I thought Id start  it off. So any and all Round Up Questions you have, ask away below:

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was posted somewhere that only the VEX-ordained can reply, I’m copying it here.

I wonder, though, how much (if any) need there is for this, as there’s already a generally accessible thread for discussion of the new game.


Do YOU have any questions?

I don’t have as many questions as I do curiosities.

I’m curious as to how big of a role hanging will play. 20 points is a considerable chunk.
I’m curious as to how cluttered the field will get. There’s a lot going on even without four robots.
I’m curious as to how many “defensive” robots will see the limelight this year.
I’m curious as to how teams will use their strong motors as compared to others.
I’m curious as to if teams with the updated controllers will see some significant advantages.

No questions. Just curious.

Well for one, when can expect the college division rules to be released?

I think hanging will be interesting because if it happens that the robot gets hit while it is trying to climb (especially to the 2nd rung) it could fall, so the design would have to be very sturdy. At the same time, if the robot was too heavy, it wouldn’t really be able to climb…?

I hadn’t really thought about the number of things on the field until now – I don’t think it will be that bad. This year, there were far more play objects, and the wall took up some space as well, but unless the match was completely lopsided, the field never got too cluttered.

Defense will be very interesting, mainly because the tubes will be put back in if/when they are dumped out, so there is really no point in doing that. So descoring will be taking rings off the goals. I think if a robot is constructed well, it’s scoring mechanism should be able to descore (varying with the design of the robot, of course. I’m sure there will be some well constructed robots that can’t descore and score with one mechanism).

The best use of the high-strength motors, I think, would have to be hanging… that requires the more lifting/torque than anything, but we’ll see – it may turn out that even with high strength motors, robots will have to be very light to be able to hang.

As for the Cortex, I’m not sure how well it will work. We’ll see what happens…

This is a Grammar Plea sent to no one in particular and to everyone in general.

Please don’t use “descore” in English sentences. It’s not an English word.

Removing a ring from a post will simply remove it from the post, there is no need to muddle that concept with the made up term “descore”.

Obviously, removing the ring will alter the final score if it remains removed. Describing that as descoring a ring adds nothing to the conversation.

Good careers usually require good communication skills - Start now to drop bad habits and develop good ones.

PS: I know that many, many people in FIRST/Vex use that term; but if I see it or hear it during a job interview; I will begin to question the applicant’s grasp of English vocabulary. Imagine what someone unfamiliar with the niche known as robotics compeitions hears it. They are going to wonder if you slept through all of your language arts classes for 16 years.

I agree, jargon is only good for saving time (and since you are looking through forums and typing out thoughtful responses you probably have a lot of time)…

Anyway, I do have a question. Is a robot considered hanging if its touching another robot? For example, could a robot be high hanging if another robot deploys a ramp such that the first bot can climb over the yellow rung and touch the ladder? As far as I can find it only says that the robot has to be entirely above the lower rung and touching the ladder.

Questions like these are why I posted this thread for the officials to answer. Anyway, I believe that as long as the robot is above the designated bar it is considered hanging. Not sure if the robot has to be touching the robot, I guess its an obvious assumption to think so. That is a smart strategy though.

I posted this on the original thread, but Ill repost again:

Will the (4) 2-wire motor limit be increased for colleges?
2. I checked the programs that are used for codeing, and it says only RobotC is compatible with the new Cortex-M3 Microcontroller. Is that page just not updated or are the other programs not compatible?
3. As for the VEXpro ARM9 Microcontrollers, will they be available for beta testing for colleges this year? Also, which programs will be compatible with the ARM9 Microcontroller?
4. When will all the new products that were up for sale at the Championship, be up for sale for everyone else on teh VEX website?

What defines the plane of the rung? The plane tangent to the top of the rung, bottom of the rung, or is it the horizontal diameter of the rung?

At what angle are the legs of the ladder positioned (both dimensions)?

If a stack of toruses legal as defined in the manual defined by criterion two is on the pole (i.e. supported only by a ring on the pole, but not completely or at all under the height of the pole), does it count towards the red-blue number for owning the goal? For example, if it was 2 red and then 3 blue, the blue torus is above the pole. Is it a tie or does blue own the goal?

Can the preloaded torus exceed the 18" cube dimension on the robot if the robot is within 18" cubed?

If a goal is tipped over, do the toruses still count toward to score? Does it still count towards owning the goal?

I believe the heights are what matter the most. So whichever height equates to 18", or the lower height, then that will be the one that is referenced.

Preloaded items have not be allowed to exceed the 18" cube, and I don’t see why they would be allowed now.

Really? I’m pretty sure they can exceed the 18" cube because I saw some teams use them to knock down the 2 footballs on the tees. Also some teams placed the preloaded balls on the top of their bot (not at worlds, but at our regional event). Though you could be correct.

I have been really intrigued by the piece of lexan that we are now allowed to use. At first i felt like it was no big deal but i am quickly understanding that it could become a huge part of some robots.

My question is: Are we allowed to use a heat gun to bend the lexan?


There is no rule against this.
(In my experience, you’ll get a better bend if you have access to a break.)

Thanks JVN. I was pretty sure it would be okay but i wanted to be sure. Thanks for the pointer on using a break.


Any idea what the material for the tubings are? I’m thinking it’s the flexible plastic stuff they make cheap toys out of, but I’m not too sure.

The rings are very similar to the plastic rings in this Fisher Price toy:

They are made from HDPE.

are we allowed to lift a movable goal and put it on an opposing bot?
it would for SURE disable them
what robot can drive with an extra 10 pounds on them?
(heck, that was how much OUR robot weighed!)

Gordon, my guess is no. The pinning rule has been reinstated, this could also be considered entanglement, or intend to harm the opposing robot. I can at least say that disabling the opposing robots is not in the spirit of Vex.


In clean sweep, our robot weighed a whopping 18lbs without 16 green balls in it. It could probably still drive with it if it had a 1:1 gear ratio on it.