Remainder of year canceled

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I teach in Kansas and if you haven’t heard, our governor has canceled school in school facilities for the remainder of this school year. My district will be asking all teachers to help formulate a plan to help our students continue their learning at home. We are currently on spring break so I have yet to be told what we will be allowed to do with in person instruction. Worse case scenario, we wont be allowed contact with our students and they wont have access to our robots. Does anyone have any ideas of what my students could do for the rest of the year? We use both VEX V5 and V4 systems. Thank you for your help.


They could learn CAD. That is always helpful or just research other designs. If they have parts the build stuff. Or do online challenges like @Foster and others are doing.


May i suggest

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there is a program called whitebox learning that you should check out and as some have already pointed out you can CAD

CAD is a great way to learn about robots, though there is a steep learning curve and without direct assistance (preferably in person), it will be extremely frustrating to a student. Additionally, part of what makes CAD such an amazing tool is seeing the designs flushed out in hardware, but you can’t necessarily do that without access to hardware.

They could also learn to do some basic programming though it might be outside the scope of the class as without hardware, it would be much a more abstract topic than it already is.

I think project based learning will be a great combination of bits and pieces of everything. Pitch a challenge to your students, have them come up with sketches and things of that nature to get a better understanding of what happens during the engineering process prior to getting “hands on work”. This way you won’t need any hardware that the students don’t have access to


Robotmesh announced a new online academy with virtual robots. It’s free through the end of April.