Remedium Robot Project

Hello VEX Robotics,

Did you know that an average person dies every 19 minutes because of accidental prescription drug overdose.We are 8th grade students who are very interested in VEX and have competed in many VEX Competitions. As you might know Google has a project called 20 time projects which is basically were you spend 20 percent of your time in projects that can help the world. Our project is about a robot called Remedium which will be able to give prescription medications to the elderly people. As we know the elderly group of people aren’t able to take medications in the proper time which the doctor has assigned the medication to. We were hoping if you would be able to assist us in this project by donating some VEX parts to us where we would be able to build are robot from. This robot will be able to save the people who are dieing every 19 minutes. Thank you for giving us a platform in which we can build our robot in.


Creators of the Remedium Robot Project
Jeffrey Trails Middle School

Nice request.

Do you know what kind of parts you’re looking for? I’m sure the middle school team I coach, 32545A, (Glendale Technicals, or G-Techs) can donate some items. If you have any idea what you’re looking for, let us know.

Is there someone in particular you are making this for?