Remember buy the PowerPack!

-Remember buy the PowerPack!:slight_smile:


-Because it can save you more than a years worth of battery’s cost, and it costs only 50 bucks and can last up to 5 years.:slight_smile:

-AA Battery’s can cost up to $100 per year.:mad: <This was according to the Users on Vex powerpack>

-The PowerPack is not cheap at the time but it charges within 2 hours and rechargable AA battery’s takes 2 full days to get all the batterys charged.:mad:

Sure this seems like a add on Television but if you don't get a Power Pack those AA's will cost you!!!! =)

the power pack at radio shack is only 30 bucks, all for the greater good:D :slight_smile:

For recreational use, you can get some cheap RC cars rechargeable batteries also. They work just as good and cost anywhere between $5 and $25 bucks a piece, but then you sometimes have to buy a charger.

yeah the rc car battery packs at radioshack are cheap!!:slight_smile: but you have to find the 7.6v with 2000 mah for the robot to last

The battery pack may be convenient for many users, but there are a myriad of ways to get in the neighborhood of 7.2 V DC other than the power pack and non-rechargeable AAs. In addition, if you are looking for battery life in a “hobby” style package, you can buy 7.2V NIMH batteries (similar to the vex battery) in excess of 4000 mAH (that I have seen, higher cap batteries may well exist).

Although if you wanted to get really spiffy, you could use Carbon Aerogel Capacitors to build yourself a capacitor bank as a power supply. Each capacitor has a maximum capacitance of 60 F (yes 60 Farads not uF). The caps are about 1/2 the size of a AA. So in the space of 4 AAs you could have a power supply which has a life span of about 50 minutes (at 1 amp draw) and which charges in a couple of seconds with a properly designed charging circuit (of course in this scenario, when fully charged, the cap array would have a charge of nearly 2400 coulombs ( 60 F * 5 V * 8 Caps ) !!!, but hey . . .)

~ Christopher

Ya, Now that i have a battery pack i can’t beleive i ever used to drive robots with out one