'Remember Me Cookies'

It seems that every other time I log onto the forums, I get the message: “For security reasons, we couldn’t log you on with your ‘remember me’ cookie”. Does anyone know how to fix this/stop it from happening?

Well, I don’t know how to fix it, but I have to log in every time. I made a keyboard shortcut for my username so that it goes faster, though.
Maybe cookies are disabled in your browser? I’m not exactly sure.

Same here, it appears that I have to log in every time that my ip changes. What is the point of using a cookie if it is going to be made invalid the moment your ip changes?

I know on mobile Chrome, if I don’t close the tab, it will log me out after some time. If I close the tab, it will keep me logged in for a few days. So not sure if you are leaving the tab open without activity for a long time, but that will log you out.

The tab is like ALWAYS open

same. I notice closing forum tabs when not in use fixes somewhat.

I don’t know why but I was genuinely expecting this post to be about someone trying to get cookies to remember them.

Reality can often be disappointing…