Remembering the best


They were one of the most influential/inspiring teams during ITZ since they had that robot so early and just didn’t stop winning. Still feel bad about what happened to them in the end but can’t change anything now. Some of the best people to ever compete as people and competitors.


Just a quick question about the quadrature encoders on 202Z’s robot. Is it practical to keep the encoders on the outside of the robot’s drive base? Will they get destroyed by defensive bots? just asking because my team is considering doing the same thing. Honestly though, insane bot.

It is not practical to put them on the outside of the chassis because I have had them sheer right off. Given how early in the season it is, maybe spend some time reconfiguring the chassis design so they are properly protected. I anticipate a lot of defense in this game, and the wider availability of v5 now means there will be no shortage of it.

Here you can see how we attempted to protect poorly placed sensors/wires/chain. The potentiometer wire was safe but the encoder’s plastic mount eventually sheered causing it to fall off.
In these early TP robots, we tried to protect the chain with a guard. At our first tournament it back fired when the guard bent inwards on impact and derailed the chain. We moved it inwards after that, and it never broke for the entire season until our first elims match at worlds. Even though it was “inside” the chassis, it was too exposed. Getting B01’d the same way at my first and last tournament of a season is enough reasoning to strongly discourage exposing critical elements to the outside of your robot.
IMG_5205 IMG_5220
Now on the topic of this thread, these renders are looking amazing @Zach_929U and @Max_Johnson03! Looking forward to seeing AURA and 400X CADs especially after watching those reveals tons of times. :smile:


I think I have viewed AURA’s reveals more than anyone else :joy:


Ok. Thanks for the detailed answer.

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The 1010X TP bot was insane. I think I could count on one hand the number of games they lost that year, in the same region as the 7842, 2, 1010 and 9181 teams. Especially their Provincial robot with the mini DR4B, that was sick!


Hello again, this is probably the last model i am going to work on/release for a long time. It’s been fun and i’m glad people have gained something from all the work put in.

So without further ado, 400X Nothing But Net:

2 4 8

As always, higher quality render pics can be found on the google drive and the file will be up soon.


I really wished everyone had the opportunity to see such an incredible robot in action. This design is by far one of the greatest innovations in VEX with mechanical achievements utilizing the NBN-esque design then creating something incredibly unique with a curl-like mechanism for lifting. It just showed that simplicity can go a long way.


I feel deeply offended.


In my defense I posted that before I knew that there would be a virtual worlds competition that would yield a virtual winner


ehh… not really. It was 100% rng.


fixed it

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@Max_Johnson03 @ThirdDegree Wow. You guys did a killer job with the ITZ robot… those are now the best looking CAD files of any 62 robot ever :slight_smile:

I saw someone mention 62’s skyrise robot. If anyone decideds to CAD it and needs detailed pics, I can dust it off from the attic and send some over. DM on Facebook.



(Sorry for reopening the thread, but I figured it would be worthwhile to share a few things)

I took some time to rework a few of the renders for the 62A In The Zone Worlds Robot to make it look nicer. I have posted the images below alongside the Google Photos link to them if anyone wants to go through them.

untitled.329 untitled.330 untitled.333 untitled.334 untitled.337 untitled.338

Edit: All of the posted renders and animation has been linked in the collective Google Drive folder for this thread.


Looks great, thank you for taking the time to help out. Do you want me to add you to the google drive so you can upload the images there?


Christmas came early! 5225A’s In The Zone Worlds robot has been recreated in Autodesk Inventor and rendered out thanks to the help of @Qaiz_Mohamed_5225A. The model has three different states uploaded in the collective google drive link for this thread. The renders and animations that I have completed will also be found in that drive link. Below are a few renders to show what the robot looks like alongside a few videos within the CAD software to better show how their robot worked. Enjoy!

Robot Movement in CAD:
Lift Movement Gif Mini4b Movement Gif Mogo Movement Gif

A few Renders (more within the Google Drive link)1 3
1 2
1 2 2 4 5


The next robot on the list, team 62 from Skyrise, has been completed with a fully detailed CAD model and renders to follow! Thanks to @Cameron_Schiller for providing detailed close-ups for his robot! They have been posted in google drive for this thread alongside the CAD model in a STEP format. Here are a few select renders of this robot (there are more within Google Drive)
62 Skyrise 1.28 62 Skyrise 1.31 62 Skyrise 1.34 62 Skyrise 1.35

With love,


This work is phenomenal.

Skyrise debatably tested the mechanical and logical limits of robots and competitors more than any other challenge up until this point and 62 arguably demonstrated that more than any other team during that season.

The creativity with pneumatics during skyrise was one of my favorite aspects of the game and 62 was no exception to this.

I’ll never forget walking into my 8th grade classroom and seeing my teammates gathered around an iPhone screen binging 62s 7 skyrise auto the day it was released on youtube. “well… thank god we’re in the middle school division” was our final verdict on it :laughing:


I honestly think skyrise was the best competition for future engineers. It had everything from expansion, to motor distribution, to different subsystems, to pneumatics. ITZ was really good too, but robots were simpler to make that year imho.


we need a competition like that, i did not compete in that but i saw the videos. Something that seems so big.
also its intro video is great