Remote battery cables

Hey All~

While working on my four-wheeler, I again came across a weight-distribution issue, so I separated the battery from the brain. Wondering if anyone else has had this idea…

To allow the battery to be incorporated more freely into builds (and to allow the brain to be mounted directly onto a plate or beam!), I think that Vex should make a stand-off or beam that has contacts for the battery and color-coded cables that clip to the brain. These cables could then plug into the new stand-offs or beams. The cables, themselves, could be made in different lengths, paired as a two-wire or left separated as individual wires. Personally, I prefer individual wires because it allows for symmetrical routing of the cables, but either would be great.

Contacts on the new parts could just be bent spring steel, like on the brain, or similar. I used small springs to ensure consistent contact, and it worked well, but springs might be more easily damaged with repeated use. Perhaps a small steel ball on a spring like a roller bearing or bullet catch?

Attached are a few shots of my setup and the finished build. Curious to hear others’ thoughts.