Remote Color Blinking?

Okay…I am sure this is stated somewhere. I have read it before. I can’t find it.

I have like 20 remotes and of course some of them are beginning to fail as they were from the first year of VEX IQ. What does the blinking mean?

If Power/Link is blinking red and green, even when plugged in, what does that mean?

Is there any specific way to identify if a remote is going out?

Hi elfrazier,

We’re sorry that you have encountered this issue. The alternate blinking behavior between red and green on the Power/Link LED was a behavior from an outdated firmware version. To resolve this issue, please download and install the VEX IQ Firmware Update utility to your computer. This utility will enable you to update the firmware on your VEX IQ control system components.

After the Firmware Update Utility is installed, please tether your Controller to your Robot Brain, then connect your Robot Brain to your computer via the USB cable. Then turn on your Robot Brain and open the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility. If there are any sensors, Smart Motors, Controllers connected to your Robot Brain with older firmware, or if the Robot Brain itself has out of date firmware, please click on the Update All Components button in the Firmware Update Utility to upgrade the firmware in all devices to the latest version.

If you are having any additional questions, or if the above steps do not resolve your issue, please contact VEX Technical Support at or by calling +1-903-453-0802 for more detailed assistance for helping to resolve your issue.


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