Remote Controlled Flashlight

Alright i built a small array of leds to test this but i cannot get it to be remote controlled.

Whenever i set a digital output in easy c 2 it can be only on or off, can i change this to be a channel on the controller?

If it cannot be remote controlled that is ok, but i see another purpose for this if i build the spy bot again i will attach 2 mini mag lights on the turrent and a light sensor.

When the light sensor is 900 or above the flashlights will turn on, when it is 200 or below the flashlights will turn off.

This would be really cool to have a robot with a wireless camera (I am getting one in a few days) that turns on flashlights automatically when in low light that way you can have your bot explore anywhere.

couldnt you use an rxinput command to read the controller and then turn on the light from there with an if statement

or can you not get the lights working at all?

That is a good idea, i will try that tomorrow.

If it does not work than i know for a fact that it can work autonomously but you idea is good thanks a lot.

your welcome, thats what im here for, basically

BTW if you have multiple LED’s a good way to control them is to wire them in parallel (cathode to anode, anode to cathode, etc… each end to + or -) and have the whole circuit connected to a FET/NPN transistor or relay and then control the entire thing with 1 digital i/o on the vex microcontroller