Remote Controlled Paintball Robot (VEX microcontroller)

I just got done with a year long project at Talcott Mountain Science Center. The project was making a paintball robot! The robot includes many features, a Tippmann 98 Custom PS, a wireless gun camera, and an all-in-one electric design. After much hard work over the past year I am proud to say it is fully operational! I have just posted a new video of the robot, describing it’s workings, and showing a firing test. You can view the video here. Tell me what you think, maybe an idea of what to use it for, one idea we have been thinking of is making a shroud for it that looks like a Dalek from the Dr. Who TV show. Lay 'em on me. Enjoy!:slight_smile:

Video Link:
YouTube - Talcott Mountain Science Center Paintball Robot