Remote Data Logging

So it’ll take a few weeks for my Cortex to get here and I’m curious about some of the debugging features in RobotC. After some research I can’t seem to find anything so I thought I’d ask here.

*]In RobotC’s settings, I don’t see any options to set how much scrollback debug windows have - is this a static amount or unlimited?
*]Can debug window contents be saved to a logfile? If so, is the logfile saved afterwards or saved as new data is received?

Most of the debug windows are constantly refreshed, and don’t maintain a memory of past values. The exception is the Debug Stream window, which I don’t believe has a limit.

Currently there is no way to output data to a file, but data output to the Debug Stream window can be copied and pasted into a file for further analysis.

Hmm, no fancy real time graphs yet :wink:

Thanks for the information, can’t wait to get my Cortex!