Remote disconnecting

Does anyone know why the remotes will disconnect from the robot? This seems to be a random thing and we’ve even connected a 9v backup battery. Yet, they will disconnect at any given time.


Are you using white VEXnet keys, or black?

We are using white keys.

Sometimes keys (especially older ones) are just bad. Do you have other keys you can use to test that hypothesis?

OK, you are using the right kind of keys. Try some troubleshooting logic:

  • What makes you think that your robot is disconnecting? What do you see that confirms this?
  • What are the status lights showing when this happens?
  • Have you used the VEX firmware downloader to make sure the keys have the right version of the firmware code?

The status lights change from all green to yellow or red. Plus, the robot quits responding to input from the students.

I will look into the firmware downloader.

I do have other keys, but this is only our second year using them, so I would hope this wouldn’t be the issue.

The connection between the battery port of the cortex and the battery can become loose very easily. However this should not be a reason to consider a cortext broken. Back in the day (skyrise) we experienced this issue so we used a rubber to firmly hold the battery connection. This worked, but could potentially ruin either the port on the cortex or the battery itself. I can’t remember what season battery extensions were released in vex, but those are what we now use to secure battery connections to the cortex. They work much better. They are rather inexpensive so I would order 2 if you have a power expander.