Remote Feedback

I think a good idea for a new product is a feedback screen that you could plug into the remote so that you can actually see the feedback from the bot.

Like the LCD?


Yeah, except it plugs into the REMOTE instead of the robot so you can actually see the feedback in match.

Ooh. I see what you mean. The best you can do is the debug streamline, which lets you see feedback outside of the match.

Some creative solutions that I’ve seen include

  1. Using the speaker
  2. Flashing some LEDs

Those are definitely the best things you can do with current vex supplies.

  1. Using a motor servo to “point” to various predetermined messages arranged in a circle around an axle

That has the problem of taking up a motor for that purpose. But if that’s a tradeoff you’re willing to make

This is true, but it’s probably the most effective method for teams that don’t use their full number of motors.