Remote Holes

So there are two tapped holes in the top of each remote; bolts the same size as those used to secure the motors screw into them. Does anyone know why those are there?

I think you can plug antennas into them. The legality of this im not sure.

Theyre used to secure name plates onto your controller, ill send a pic when i have one later

I thought it was for the neck strap option so your driver does not forget them at the field or pit!

I think we should all come up with ideas for how to use them :slight_smile:

I have seen some people attach their competition switch to their controller using those holes.

They can be able to hold a miniature screen onto the remote so you can have a live feed if you have a VEX Color Camera. Maybe a monitor like this could work (Example, obviously the VEX color camera doesn’t have that connection of the monitor)? I understand this isn’t legal for competitions, but it would be good if you are building a robot that isn’t meant to compete.

I believe that VEX was telling people at the Cortex release that these were there so that VEX could add accessories if they felt the need.

I enjoy reading about all the practical uses people find for these sockets.

You could use them to tie together two controllers if using a partner controller. This way you wouldn’t break the ports of one was dropped.

one of my school’s teams screwed some c-channel in those and uses it as a hook to put his controller on his robot with. he also created a little stand for it with some more slots for tools and such. the possibilities are endless!

Two summers ago my team went a little crazy with holders since we were all working in a small room for hours. We made a joystick holder that basically looked like a diaper, and made a tool holder, handles for the robot, and even holders for the handles :slight_smile:

IIRC, those holes were officially for antennae, so that the old v1 cortex could communicate with the the new, v2 remotes.
However, because the v1 cortex is no longer used, those holes are “officially” useless.