Remote Judging Worlds 2023

According to the judges sign up, remote judging for worlds 2023 will begin on February 27th. However, as a team qualified for worlds, we have received no communication regarding when to submit our notebook in digital form and when to sign-up for an interview. Any idea when information on how to select an interview time and submit a notebook will be sent out?

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According to the robot events page for VEXU Worlds (says the same thing for each event)

However I did get an email regarding volunteering as a judge for Worlds and it said judging would be conducted virtually over the span of 6 weeks from end of February to beginning of April.

Info on signing up for judging is here:

But I’m not seeing the “Schedule an Interview” button in RobotEvents where it’s supposed to be, two days after receiving my invite. Have other people successfully signed up for interviews?

I have not seen my link either. Furthermore, my invite to worlds was sent months ago so hopefully their isn’t something within the system due to having to register in 6 days.