Remote-Live Scoring Confusion

Hi, I just recently participated in a remote-live competition and after each qualification match, I added the number of points in my field. However, the scores didn’t match and I’m pretty sure I’m calculating it wrong. How do they calculate points in remote-live competitions? Do they add your points with your alliance? Why does every match start with 57 points? What’s the maximum number of points you can score with and without your alliance? It would be great if someone could answer my questions!

How about something - namely, the Game Manual (starting on page 42).


Thank you for the page number, I think that answers most of my questions. Also, I think I just noticed this but in normal competitions, a connected row is worth 6 points but in the live-remote it says that a connected row is worth 13 points. Is that true?

Yes, that is what the game manual says.


Thank you so much for your help!

Having refereed a Live Remote Tournament recently, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of reading the game manual and understanding the scoring rules of the LRT, which has significant differences to the Live In-Person and Skills versions. It broke my heart to watch teams who played the LRT match just like they would have an In-Person match.