Remote Mounting VEXnet key

<R7>j This rule states that no metal is to be touching the key above the VEXnet logo. What side are they considering to be the top? The rule also states it is recommend that no metal be within 2" of the top of the VEXnet key.

I assume the top is the part of the vexnet key where there is a blue LED. The reason they have this rule is to prevent the vexnet key on the cortex and joystick from disconnecting.

They’re trying to make sure you don’t create what i believe is called a faraday cage which will disconnect your joystick from your cortex. Bottom line is i wouldn’t recommend putting metal anywhere near your cortex

How is that even possible? the robot is made (mostly) of metal

I think he wanted to write VEXNet Key. No metal near the top front of the key where the antenna is. I have short USB extenders (about 8 inches) that let me put the key high up in the robot away from metal. Also easier to plug the orange cable in rather than digging into the robot.

i mean above your cortex. try not to cage it in.


Or if it is caged in, it would be a good idea to take advantage of a USB extension to make sure the VEXnet key is free. Just keep in mind that the power switch always needs to be accessible.