Remote Problem - Fixable?

This remote appears to be stuck with Driver Control enabled when nothing is plugged in. When connected to the field controller, it behaves normally and when running other programs it appears to be unaffected. The annoying side effect is it won’t wirelessly download programs. Thoughts?

Forgot the photo!


Can you elaborate a little bit? What precisely is the problem?

this has happened to me before, reset the controller and you should be fine

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there is a button recessed in the back of the controller, push and it will hard reset the controller.


Also, adding to what @TadesPython said, you will need to check competition and smart ports for any debris, especially, any metal shavings that might short the pins.

Then, do controller reset, ensure that it is at the latest firmware version and, finally, redo pairing it with V5 brain.

Reset button has been pressed. No change. There is no debris in the ports and no visibly bent pins either.

I have tried all of those things. Firmware is updated. Trying pairing with different brains and same issue.

Also, It seems to run non-competition programs fine. But for some reason it also won’t start any skills matches.

So, are you saying that you have no problem running some of the user programs that don’t use competition template, but have various issues running a particular user program that uses competition template?

Can you describe your environment and the steps you perform in mote details?

Which version of VEXos firmware do you have installed?

Are you using VEXcode or Pros and which specific version?

Are you starting your user program on V5 brain itself or with V5 controller?

What is the exact sequence of steps from turning the power on till you get it stuck?

Also, you may want to try uploading the simplest possible competition template code example that comes with VEXcode to see if the problem is isolated to your particular program somehow interacting with competition template in an unusual way. For example, stomping over some memory inside the library that interacts with VEXos.

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yea, that’s usually caused by a damaged competition port, it can happen if a smart cable is plugged into the competition port by accident, there’s no easy fix.

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Is there any fix? Even if that requires sending it to a service center? I am in Canada if that changes it at all.

yes, it’s usually possible to replace the damaged component, but it’s not competition legal to do that yourself (and you need some surface mount rework skills) call vex support and see what they say.
(and this is assuming you find no other physical damage to the competition port such as bent pins)

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