Remote Programming

My fourth grade team is getting into programming, they are working more in depth than in the previous four years and we are at the point I am not 100% sure how to help them. It is possible I have them on the complete wrong track.

They want to be able to hit the LeftUp button on the remote and have an action happen with the robot. They then want to be able to take over with driving. This is the program they have developed, however, nothing happens when they hit the LeftUp button. Have I guided them into the wrong track? Is there a glaring error? Is this even something that is possible?

They are able to drive the robot with this program, just the first half of it does not work.

The current code will only check the button status once immediately as they start the program, and never again. They need to properly place the repeat forever block. Let them think on that, and decide what needs to change.

Thanks, I gave them that clue and after a few trials they figured it out.