Remote Skills Options

I was looking at appendix B and realized that the Live Remote Skills and Pre-Recorded skills options are missing, even though the game video said that they were available options. My question is, will we have LRS, Pre-Recorded skills, and skills-only events this year?

No remote skills now. This was announced at ReCF Summit.

There will be skills only events.

LRS has been removed as of the 1.1 version of the game manual.

Regardless of the reasons for doing this, this is frustrating because as you mentioned it was stated in the game manual that LRS would be available, and the section was even present in the V1.0 version of the game manual. In fact, V1.1 is listed as being a “Q&A Clarification Update Only” update:
Removing an entire category of tournament during what is supposed to be merely a minor clarification update to the game manual seems strange to me, and I wish there would have been more communication about this possibly happening prior to the RECF Summit where it was announced. It would have made much more sense for LRS to have been removed in the June 29th update, or for it to never have been included at all.

That being said, as lacsap mentioned, in person Skills-only events are an option this season.