remote troubles:(

how do you make it so the vex controller isnt inverted?
Also how do you make it so 2 controllers control one bot?

for help on the transmitter, i think the answer to your question is in the inventor’s guide. (i think you hold down “mode” and “select” on the left hand side of the controller’s screen, and then turn it on. you should see either a 1 or a 2. its changeable with the usual data input buttons. to select a choice, just turn the controller off) but to make two controllers operate one robot, you will need two controller, and two recievers, with 2 different frequencies. you will also need the programming kit.

I have the programming kit.Is it easy to make it use 2 remotes?

yes. and it is very useful if you have two operators who a skilled.

Good cuz its gonna be impossible to win if wii cant use to remotes:D

To use two controllers in the operator controlles in the code you are downlaoding go into the motors you have set up. Then change the RX value. 0 is default and will go to whatever controller is turned on last. 1 sets the motor to be used on RX port one on the micro controller, and 2 sets it to be used on RX port two on the micro controller.

Yes, you do not need another robot controller. In the code, just change the RX from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1. And cant you just invert the motors in the code?

Do me a favor and post what question you are answering because I think that you misunderstand what you are doing.