Remote volunteer judges are needed!

The REC Foundation has sent requests for volunteers to Remote Judge for the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship via an email blast. I would also like to make a personal plea to this community to help judge! This year’s VEX Worlds will have almost twice as many teams as the last in person VEX Worlds in Louisville in 2019. We knew we would have a challenge judging this many teams in person, but we learned from last years VEX Worlds Live Remote Tournament that remote judging is a great way to give every team an opportunity to present in person to judges. And it also reduces the pressure at Worlds for the judges to find every team to talk to and the pressure on the Coaches to make sure their team is available to meet with judges. But with over 3,000 teams to interview, we need a lot of volunteer judges. The coaches, EPs, educators and volunteers on this forum are perfect for this role! Not only are you helping a program you support, coaches can learn about what judges look for which can help them prepare their teams in the future. So if you haven’t signed up to judge, please consider doing so! Thank you!!!

Dan Mantz
CEO - REC Foundation