Removing balls during autonomous?

I see in RSC7: " 1. Any [Ball] contacting the chosen [Starting Position] (as to where the [Robot] is placed) must be removed from the [Field] for the remainder of the [Match]."

At what point can a driver remove the ball from the starting position they want to move to? We run a block of code and then need to move the bot to a second starting position to run the second block of code.

Can the driver remove a ball from the second starting position while the first block of code is still running?

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Any questions regarding the legality of an action must be answered by looking at the current game manual. In this case, please take a look at rule G10, in addition to RSC7. The impression of rule g10 would say that while the robot is functioning on the field, you should not touch a field element. Since this would be a fairly unusual act, if you plan to use this strategy, you should speak to the referee running the skills prior to your match. If I were the referee, I would deny it based on rule g10. For an official answer however you will need to ask on the official q&A.


yes because the rules don’t specifically state that the robot must be stopped. what my team is doing for our auto is that we move our robot 4 times 2 times for balls in front of the goals and 2 times for corrals.

Rule G -8 is very specific about “hands out of the field” except for the allowance of RSC-7. A careful reading of RSC-7 gives a sequence of handling, the first one being that “upon handling, the robot…” then the remaining points of the rule are made. Therefore, things like resetting the robot, removing balls, etc, are done while the robot is being handled.

Additionally, lets look at the actions from the standpoint of the Skills Referee: the referee does not know what the autonomous routine is going to do, so reaching in to the field to handle a game element while the robot is actively running can (would) be a violation of G-10, because it might be perceived by the referee that a ball is being moved so that is doesn’t interfere with the currently running autonomous routine. There is no way for the referee to know what the robot’s actions will be.

As I said to Falconbot, if you intend to try such an action, be sure to discuss with the referee before the match runs.


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