Removing parts tip

We’re new to Vex IQ. We have a hard time removing the parts. Students and coaches have difficulties removing the parts. Some parts are impossible for the kids to remove. Anyone has suggestions of tools our team of students can use? Does lubricating the plastics help? Any tips you can give is appreciated.

Use a metal axle to help push pins through from the back when applicable.

This fella is great for pulling pins out of motors and other hard-to-get areas.

Some students have trouble getting the battery out - this tool is simple and easy to use.

Rolling a shaft collar in your hands before placing it on helps warm it up and lets it slide easier.


Thank you so much mtaylor. I didn’t see any picture on the this tool link. Can you resend?

We will order the peg puller. We tried using the metal axle to push the pins out but doesn’t work well at all. I think the peg puller will be very helpful for the kids.

Any other tools you suggest in addition to the peg puller? the kids are not willing to pull out the parts because most of all the parts are so difficult.

Just type VEX IQ in the search bar of and you can find several options.

Use your teeth, but only when the kids aren’t watching :wink:! Otherwise, peg pullers can be found on eBay or if you don’t want to print them yourself. Pliers work if you’re careful.

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There’s a bit of a learning curve to this; you’re using the flexible bits of the pins to your advantage. Kind of put the corner of the axle in the crease of the pin and they’ll pop right out. If you come in with the pin and the axle in a straight line with each other, it won’t work as well.

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I find a small drift or punch works well for pushing out pins that you can’t get to with a peg puller. Mine have a textured handle that make holding it easier.

I’d ask around to folks who are DIYers, as buying a set just for this purpose probably doesn’t make a lot of economic sense and I never see them sold individually.

We’re about to give up and try to sell our kits that we just only used 1 time. Our teachers rather use the EV3 for ease of removing parts.

Thank you so much for all the help and suggestions, please send pictures or link that can help us.
I’m sure every new team will have the same issue we have and find the information useful.

Ugg, please don’t, even if kidding.

I supply each team with a pair of each of these:


The long ones let you reach into the robot. The bent ones give you a leverage point.

We love doing VEXIQ over EV3 since when you drop VEXIQ it bounces, EV3 shatters. :slight_smile:


They may be releasing a new ‘peg puller’ at some point, they were on display with the VEX Go kits at the Future of Education Technology Conference. Looked really cool.

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