Removing robots off hanging bar?

In the scenario of an alliance attempting to remove an opposing robot from the hanging bar by launching stars or cubes at the opposing robot, would this be considered tipping or some other violation of the manual?


Based on the rule below:

I think knocking a robot off a 3 foot tall pole would probably be very reasonably considered under this rule. I’m no ref, but I think that unless the robot was practically falling apart and would likely have collapsed anyways, this kind of behavior might lead to a warning and then a DQ.

Frankly, I’m not so sure that a cube would even be enough to dislodge a lifted robot. A lot of teams are going with FRC strategies and using c channels inside the PVC pipe to lift, and that is going to be pretty hard to knock out with a 1.68 pound cube.

I am sure that if this happens, a ref would give a warning first off. If a team is purposefully trying to do this over and over, they would most likely be given a DQ.