Rename Download Vex VSC

Hello, I’m interested in renaming the download for the visual studio code extension though I can’t figure out how to do it efficiently, is there any way to do this well?


Why are you trying to rename the extension?

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No I mean I’m using the extension and trying to rename the download in the programs on the controller

You can change the name by doing the following:

  1. Right click on vex_project_settings.json file, located in the .vscode folder.

  2. Click the “VEX Project Settings” context menu item.

  3. Change the “Project Name” input field.

  4. Click Save, to update project settings.

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Ah, I understand your question. Open the .vscode folder, then open vex_project_settings.json. Change the value of the “name” field to your desired name for the downloaded program and save the file.