Rent vs Buy Competition Products

I was wondering if I should rent of buy the products needed to host a VRC competition. As a side note if I decided to buy the products then what could I do with the game and field elements after the season?

Talk to your RECF Regional Support Manager about hosting a competition. You will most likely qualify for reduced cost game elements and trophies.

If you don’t have all the fields you need then borrow from other local programs if you can. Maybe even offer them free entry if they come and set it up the night before and tear it down and take it away directly after the event.

You may also be able to borrow tech equipment, maybe purchase some used monitors or tvs. Maybe a local company would be willing to donated new or used av equipment?

Keep the game and field elements around until you can’t store them anymore! :slight_smile:
See if there is a teacher who can make use of any of the items. Throw them away / recycle if possible.

That’s a good idea but you could always just apply for a grant for your team.

Is there a way to sell the parts back to vex?

A common thing EPs will do is allow teams in for free in return for bringing fields and game elements. This helps eliminate expenses and maybe start buying your own stuff over a longer period of time.

As a EP hosting an event you’ll receive a free trophy pack so unless you host two or more tournaments that expense is covered.

Really all you need then is 2 computers, one for the competition fields and one to record skills, a projector, and a whole bunch of volunteers.

As a heads up you must, have your event submitted to robot events by October 1st for it to be qualifying. I’d absolutely contact your RECF manager soon and they can answer more region specific questions for you.

Link to regional managers contact page -->

and as a general tip, I went to a couple tournaments without my kids competing just to take notes on what those EPs did that I liked and what I didn’t like. I’d also highly suggest volunteering at someone else’s event to get more exposure before hosting your own. For example I had a tournament in December, so I helped a EP friend in November to get some practice. Additionally setting up can take some time so make sure you book your venue and some volunteers for the night before. Make sure to test your field controls as early as possible, because nothing is more frustrating then debugging that at 3am. If you do buy new fields make sure you construct them well beforehand, they take forever to put together.

Also if you are doing this just for fundraising, I’d suggest IQ because its more profitable (cheaper everything), the competitors are more forgiving, and there is less need for computers because the robots aren’t controlled by the field.

Ok thank you. My team and I are planning on hosting a EDR competition this year.

good luck

Thank you.

No, but you might be able to sell the field to a neighboring program. The game parts and pieces are yours to deal with as you see fit.

I am a Certified VEX Cortex EDR Trainer, and hope to soon be launching VEX training in the New Haven, CT area under possible auspices of Project Lead the Way. I can use any help you can provide in locating used 2018 competition kits (Rapid Reversal).
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@EnjoYingLife2 sees game animation online submission and thinks it’s the real reveal. lmao

Are you wanting the 2017-2018 game?

If so, you are looking for Vex: In the Zone, and any event partner in the CT area would probably have kits they’d be excited to part with.

If you want the 2018-2019 game you wont find any kits used until after April.

Classroom games use previous year’s game elements under a new name and new rules. Rapid Reversal uses Skyrise parts.