Reopened Silver Alliance Applications for 20-21 and remade application

Hi, My name is Mactar and I have founded the Silver Alliance. We have got about 15 teams right now, but the old application was bad. I have have taken this opportunity to remake the applications and accept more teams. Hope will have a great 2020-21 season everyone!

Apply here:

hello, is this alliance for a state only?
and what makes you different than other alliance?

@DRow would it be so kind of you to moderate this thread of its negative responses?
Thank you :slight_smile:


No I made it worldwide


we are different from other alliances because all the programmers are going to start a big progect and we have the person who made gaelscout.

Thats literally the same as all the other alliances, except their tools arent GaelScout

nice, u do not have to join