Repair broken motor prongs

Hey guys, anyone know if it’s possible to repair a motor where both the prongs at the top of the wire have broken off? This has happened to several of our motors and we’ve had to buy completely new motors!

If you cut off the wire and solder in a 2 wire extension to the same length its legal

you can also crimp on new terminals. Go to for everything you need. Just take a bit of practice to crimp the terminals correctly.

@9065_parker Brilliant thank you!

@kmmohn I’ll take a look now thanks

These are the wire repair items:

It’s much cheaper than soldering on other wires, but if you just have 1 or a few wires to repair soldering is probably better, otherwise crimp pins is the way to go.

Those pins look round rather than flat like the 393 pins. Do they still fit in the cortex and the original 393 connector housing?

The pins themselves are the exact same. They are an extremely standard type of pin used by VEX and widespread in RC hobbies and industrial applications.

Technically, they aren’t flat or round, they are a piece of metal that is bent into more of a U-shape.