Repair distance sensors

Unfortunately I have 2 distance sensors that aren’t registering the distance any more. They are still detected by the brain, just no numbers kicking back. I think it’s because the little mesh screens have been partially pushed in. Anybody had any luck opening these things up for repair? I took a quick look at it and tried to separate some of the components, but no luck.

Opening any VexIQ smart parts is quite hard. All of them use fused plastics, so you basically need to cut through the material and it will always be obvious that the parts were tinkered with. I can’t comment whether a part fixed in such an intrusive way would still be considered competition legal.
The only exception is the bumper (screws, easy to open/close) and to some extent the motor, where you still need to break off the attachment plate to access the screws, but the cut happens inside a slot anyway, so it won’t leave marks on the motor.