Repairing brain with a different controller

I have a classroom set of 12 Superkits, and I am now working with a different group of students. The students are trying to pair their brains with controllers, and it appears that some of the brains won’t pair with controllers that they weren’t paired with previously. I could redistribute the controllers and try to match them up the way they were before, but that will be a real pain. Do you know if this is, in fact, an issue, and if there is a way to work around it? I’ve updated firmware and OS already. Radio components seem to be firmly seated. (Sorry about the title - It should read “Pairing Brain…” not “Repairing Brain”, but it won’t let me edit the title)


You should be able to pair a controller with any other brain, as long as you tether the system with the blue cable.
Please tether one of your suspect systems and connect the brain to the PC using the USB cable, then open the VEXos Updater and take a screenshot of what it looks like.
It should look like the example attached.

If you do not have VEXos on your PC, here is a video on how to install it: