Repairing dead ports on cortex

I have a cortex with 2 dead ports: 1 PWM and 1 H-Bridge

The PWM has power, but the PWM signal does not exist.

The H-Bridge always provides power (but only when the cortex is linked to the joystick-it is not a code error)

Is there a way to repair these ports? (Methods do not need to be VRC legal)

Thanks in Advance

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe brains have a life time warranty and you can send it back to vex and they will fix it (if it is fixable), or send you a new one. We had to do his to a brain earlier this year, because port 6 was broken.

We will contract vex.

Today we had even more problems with our cortex

Our power switch on the original cortex finally broke, so we switched to a different cortex, when we turned the robot on, white smoke started pouring out of the cracks. We then take apart the original cortex, to try to fix the switch, which was the fixable, but for the rest of the day would need to be turned on and off with a screwdriver. When we tested this cortex, smoke started coming out of it too. We took it apart again and tested each port to see if it would smoke but it did not. We then tested the lift, and found out one the motor controllers was bad, so it was replaced, the cortex was reassembled and the day went normal.

Lesson learned: white smoke coming out of the cortex is bad.

Call VEX tech support, I’m pretty sure the cortex does not have a lifetime warrantee and they may charge you to diagnose the problem.

Depending on how much damage has been caused it may be possible to repair.

I have repaired the pwm ports before and the parts to repair the H-bridge ports are also readily available. see this thread for some unofficial information.

This type of repair is not easy without the correct equipment so, unless you have a parent or mentor that is involved with this type of work and can help, you will need to find a PCB rework company that can do this for you, I use a local company that only changes $30 an hour for replacing components far more difficult than these.