Repeating Old Competitions

How long until VEX starts repeating old competitions (sack attack, skyrise, etc.)
Would you like to see this happen and what competitions do you want repeated?



No. Most of the games like Sack Attack and Skyrise are far too recent in terms of what we have with equipment in that it starts off as everyone will do the same design that won Worlds or got far.

Everything teams learned from Skyrise were refined in In the Zone, and going back to Skyrise would just mean an even better implementation of the refinements from In the Zone, modified for Skyrise.

Yeah, imagine how darn fast skyrise robots would be after this season!

Old games were made for different levels of hardware. Some of them would be painfully easy with the cortex, or especially with the V5.

I’ve actually been thinking about this myself the past few weeks, and I think it would be very interesting if VEX started bringing back some of the old competitions, but with a few changes that would make past history with the game only marginally helpful. I think this could easily be accomplished by combining elements from past games.

For example: the Gateway field layout, but instead of gates a 12 in high bar, and the scoring objects are the sacks from Sack Attack.

Although certain designs from previous years would be helpful, teams would be forced to find new ways to get around the obstacles. This could also benefit newer teams, as they would be able to pull from multiple year’s worth of inspiration and robot design.

 N O   W A Y 

there is a reason we have a different competition each year

But then how would Vex make money off of new game objects?

They still would. How many people still have a full field set from any of these games? Very few.