Replace Brain Battery Issue


I am still having issues with several robots and the “Replace Brain Battery” message. I have posted about this before and both responses did not help as they were not the source of the issue. Thanks.



Can you post the original problem? Staying in the same thread is more helpful than starting a new one. Thanks



I originally posted in the Ask VEX Staff forum and I wasn’t able to reply. Basically, my robot brain is giving me a “Replace Brain Battery” message soon after I get the robot started. They gave me the answer below which does not solve the issue.

I have seen this issue before on robots running on AA batteries, can you please a VEX Robot Battery Instead:

If you are already using a VEX Robot Battery please make sure that the battery is solid red when placed on the charger, not blinking red.
Allow it to charge for a few hours until it turns the charger LED turns green.

Then try to use it again