Replacement Antenna


I was looking on the VEX site for this, and I see it is discontinued. Does anyone know where I can still find them?

Another robotics team gave us their old VEX control systems, and at least half the antennas are broken and need replacing.


It seems like it’s just a regular antenna. Have you tried a hobby supply store?

Just a heads-up, you can’t use those in Competitions any more. Everyone has transitioned to the VEXnet/Cortex systems.

There are still a lot of events that allow both VEXNet and crystal. It’s just some of the bigger events that don’t allow them. There is an event modification that allows for the crystals. Just don’t count on using them at nationals or world. But on the other hand, a team that has a tight budget and cannot afford to switch to VEXNet is likely not going to be able to cover travel and entry cost for worlds. The crystal sets are still very usable in many areas.

We actually have 18 or so Cortex’s and Joysticks with VEXnet, but we use them for our Summer Camp and middle school robotics competition. We were thinking we could use the older system we acquired to make some demobots, but half of the antennas are broken down to the base of the transmitter.

How many do you need? I have some spares I can part with a few.

Is anyone willing to part with any old Vex Crystal Antennas? I am teaching a robotics class and we need them!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Michele Shull

I have a few I could part with. Send me your information in a private message and I will set you up with what I have. It may be Saturday before I can ship them.

Yep. I can handle that request as well.