Replacement Foam Tiles


Vex Foam tiles are pretty expensive for what they are… Has anyone found tiles that are similar for a cheaper price point and can link me them?


They are soft tiles brand tiles I believe. Other tiles generally have the middle key opposite from what you want or no key at all. The Vex bundle is pretty comparable in price but sometimes you just need one or two tiles to be replaced.

$6.40 each tile from soft tiles

$4.00 each if you don’t mind some dings…

Having a bag can help too.

If you don’t mind if they’re a little different and don’t need to fit with the VEX tiles, the cheapest ones that I have found are from Harbor Freight, and there are often coupons for them too.

However, these are not the exact same, and while I have found that they are more than good enough for practicing on, there are some small differences:

  • VEX tiles are 5/8" think, HFT tiles are around 3/8"-1/2" thick
  • The surface (back side) of the tiles might have some small imperfections like small air bubbles

Thanks for the Softtiles link! What’s cool is that you can make custom name tiles and numbers. Imagine VEXmen at the center of your field! Not that anyone ever uses those white line tapes or tile colors to move around the field :slight_smile: If you have $$$, they can even make a special tile with your logo on it…

Seriously, good place to get regulation replacement tiles without breaking the bank.

Good idea! Might mess up the line followers though. We do stickers on the field sides for ourselves and our sponsors. now if we can just move the field name signs to not block the advertising. This was even our own event!