Replacement linear slide plastic parts

Well it’s now going on three seasons and we’re starting to see deterioration in some of the plastic slides. They are starting to go and not be as tight in the screws. The metal slides are holding their shape much better than the old style linear slides which bent in a bit easily.

Anyway, self tapping into plastic only lasts so long it seems. Would like a slightly cheaper alternative to buying a whiole new linear slide kit.

Can we get the plastic sliders sold separately? Don;t care if both inside and outsides are sold together. Interior sliders seem to be more popular though.


Could you drill another new hole to replace old hole if there is enough space?

The inside one is not conducisve to that (see below). You’d poke out where there is just a small bit of plastic. That is an idea for the outside ones. I am unsure of our hand drill precision on such a move though. But if it is semi-useless being a bit stripped, why not try it?

(sorry for the mega-sized picture, it’s the one on the Vex part page)

you are right. I didn’t know that.

How about wrap some Teflon tape or super glue in the hole? But I don’t know if it is allowed?


Good idea!

We aren’t allowed to use any sort of glue or anything on competition robots. If we could use Locktite, I’d be so happy. It would stop me from having to tighten screws all the time.

From R15B:

What? When was that added?

Well, I know what I’m buying tomorrow.

It’s been there since the 2007 Bridge Battle, so I guess it’s been a while since you’ve read a manual :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks easy enough to 3D print.

Are you allowed to replace plastic parts with exact homemade duplicates?

its unlikely that you can print with an identical plastic though, most 3d printers aren’t the same material.