Replacement part for game field

So, my school is hosting a tournament in a few weeks. We have moved around the field elements a good bit, and have lost one of the chains and circle for the goals. I have looked on Vex’s website and not found replacement parts. I have seen the same type of chain at hardware stores. Is it possible for me to get a new set of chain, and new metal circle from vex or not from vex?

Email [email protected]
explain situation - they are pretty good at helping out!

Additionally, just ask a team registered for your event to bring a red and blue basket, they swap out quickly.

As an EP the question would be what is the impact of running event without chain and ring vs DYI if VEX support can’t get part in time. I would first put the incomplete field as the practice field vs competition or skills field. A zip tie would probably be equivalent to the ring. Should you make such alterations in a pinch, let teams know and your RECF Event Engagement Manager.

Good luck with your tournament!


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